Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll in a course?
Sign in to your account. Then, from the courses page, you can enroll in the desired course.
2. What are Activation Tickets?
Activation Tickets are codes that you purchase for other people that they use to access courses instead of purchasing it themselves. This is an effective method for tracking and distributing the program to employees. If you would like to learn more about Activation Tickets contact Civic Solutions eStudies Administration.
3. When can I access the course?
If you pay by credit card, you will have immediate access. If you pay by cheque or money order, you will have access to the course once your payment has been received and processed.
4. What if I cannot complete the course before my access expires?
Contact Civic Solutions eStudies Administration. Extensions will be granted at the Administrator's discretion.
5. Does a participant receive a score on their exam?
YES. Exam feedback is provided on your Completion Status page.
6. How do I find my marks?
To find your mark for a particular course, please follow these steps:
  • Sign In
  • Click on: My Account
  • Click on: Completion Status
  • Your mark out of 100 is displayed in a small box for each attempt
  • The attempt box will be highlighted green for a passed attempt and red for a failed attempt
7. If I do not pass my exam on the first try, is it possible to rewrite it?
YES. You have 3 attempts to pass the exam.
8. What assistance is available to me when I write an online exam?
Exams are "closed book." You will not be able to access the course content after you start the exam. Evidence of cheating will result in immediate failure.
9. What is the Refund Policy?
Refunds will be issued at the discretion of Civic Solutions Inc.
10. What currency will my purchase be processed in?
All purchases are processed in Canadian currency.
11. Are there specific software or browser requirements to run the online programs?
System Requirements
- Windows XP and newer, OS X 10.3 and newer
- Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, Chrome 18, Safari 5, or newer
- Sound Card and Speakers
- Adobe Reader, free download
- High Speed Internet is highly recommended